Chengde Heping: from the poor gougaw to the most beautiful country

In 2020, the people in the county’s poor households have reached 9824 yuan, an increase of 249% from 2015; it has built a "one city and two bands" 15 easy poverty alleviation relocations and resettlement areas and supporting industrial parks, ensuring the masses. " Stable, employment, gradually enriched "Recently, the General Office of the State Council" is issued on the implementation of major policy measures in 2020, "Zhiping County is recognized as rural dangerous house transformation The work is proactive, and the effectiveness is obvious.

The county is also the only county (city, district) in our province (city, district), will receive 5 million yuan for central dangerous house renovation reward subsidies. In recent years, Zhangping County has taken off poverty as a major political task and the first people’s livelihood project, with the overeatment of the economic and social development, and has come out of the ecological priority, green development, high-quality development road of the Pingping character. 17551, 5,408 poor people, all stable and poverty, and May 2019 high standards exited the national poor county sequence.

In 2020, the poverty in Pingping County had a pure income of 9824 yuan, an increase of 249% from 2015, and the people have harvested full of happiness. Easy to poverty alleviation, "Municipality, the poor roots" 4 generations, 7 people hide in 3 stone houses, outside the rain, the rain in the house – this is the village of the Village, Li Guanzi Village, An Chungou Township The original home, the dangerous house lives for 30 years.

Recently, in Anchun Township Township is easy to poverty alleviation, the author saw Wang Lichun, she is packing up the new home. There are two sets of rooms, a set of 100 square meters, a set of 75 square meters, the floor is smooth, the wall is white, the window is a few nets – this is the home she dreamed of.

"A total of 90 natural villages in the Anchun Township Township Township Township in Sichuan Dogou, nearly 40 in remote hills.

Liu Guojin, secretary of the party committee of An Chungou Township, said that the sandbags, relying on the sky, the people can only rely on cultivation of traditional crops, income is unstable, and less employment opportunities.

Easy poverty alleviation relocation is the fundamental policy of "counting the nest, and poor roots" in poor villages.

After enjoying the policies of the Easy Poverty Alleviation in 2016, Wang Lichun only used 10,000 yuan to raise funds, and moved into the resettlement house.

"The health center, kindergartens and schools are in the vicinity of the community, and it is difficult to understand the villagers. It is difficult to solve the problem.

Zhang Qingfu, director of the resettlement area, said that the resettlement area relocated 713 households, involving 10 in the 11 administrative villages in the township. During the "13th Five-Year Plan period, Zhangping County completed 4402 poverty alleviation and relocation people, 15077 people Among them, there are 1966, 6,946, 6,946, which are like Wang Li Chun family. It is not easy to move out, how to live? The county is going to be interested in poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial employment. Synchronize poverty alleviation relocation, industrial poverty alleviation and employment poverty alleviation.

Into the stocks of the stocks, pizzinal, pony, dividend, love people working in the county brick factory … last year, Wang Lichun’s income reached 10 million yuan, this is three or four times the original income! "Relocation is a means, and it is a purpose.

"The county magistrate is in the mountains, and the Pingping has built 15 easy-to-earth poverty alleviation relocation and relocation area of" one city and two bands "and supporting the industrial park to ensure that the masses have been moved. County also actively promotes labor export, independent entrepreneurship, carrying out labor skills training, promotes employment positions, set up poverty alleviation public welfare posts, ensuring that every family with labor-capacity is at least one of employment. Chinese medicine Huahai Town " "The hot river Chinese medicine in May, the flowers are blooming, and the construction site at the foot of the mountain is the busy scene of the hot fire." This is a complex integration of accommodation and exciting.

Sun Shihe, chairman of Chengde Jiuru Farming and Husbandry Development Co., Ltd., pointed to the beginning of the first prototype. Sun Shihe is the people of Jingou Town.

In 2014, he went home to return to his hometown to set up a company.

It coincides with the construction of the core demonstration zone of Yanshan Chinese herbal medicine economy, and decided to adopt the "Government-Enterprise Cooperation" model and "marriage". The limited liability company creates Chinese herbal medicinal planting base, and the construction of concentrated medicinal materials, research and development exchanges, pension and health, tourism sciences are integrated with the integrated hot river Chinese medicine Huahai Town.

"The number of years old, working out, the enterprises are not willing to use, here, can earn 150 yuan a day".

And mud, brick tile, 65-year-old power, less sell, he is an old employee of Juli Agriculture and Husbandry Development Co., Ltd. has been working here for 7 years. When Huahai Town started, his family is still a poverty, his wife is sick, and the child is not small. "6 acres of frequently flowing to the enterprise, working on the doorstep and earning money, go home can eat the dinner to do the daughter-in-law, more money to work outside."

"Wei Shao said with a smile, watching the flowers in the mountains, the mood follows" beautiful ", life is getting more comfortable.

"In addition to the speeches of the workers, the people can also flow in land collection, shareholders, and rural tourism earning cash.

"Sun Shi River said," One Division of Four Gold "model has been radiated to drive three townships, 22 administrative villages, 756 settlement, and poverty.

"Grasping the industry to promote income is the key to the poverty reduction. Only by doing great strength to make an excellent poverty alleviation industry can improve the hematopoietic function of poverty-stricken areas to drive the poor people to get rich.

Liu Yujiang, director of the county poverty alleviation office, said, Yuping County insisted that the industry poverty alleviation is the top priority of the global work, and the development of the industry’s leading industry, and strives to improve the precision and sustainability of the industrial poverty alleviation. Eye accurate poverty alleviation, accurate Poverty, precisely poverty, Pingping County focuses on traditional Chinese herbal medicines, facilities, specialty forest fruit, clean animal husbandry, photovoltaic, leisure tourism, strong driving ability, low requirements, low-cost poverty reduction Improve the poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation, consolidate the effectiveness of the industry’s poverty alleviation, and strive to develop a special industry in each of the poor villages to develop 1 specialty industry, with at least one of the poverty reduction industries to ensure that poor is long-term stable revenue, achieving poverty The population relying on the industry to continue to achieve income.

In addition, they also pay special attention to the establishment of a more close interest joint mechanism for the establishment of industries and poor people. By opening through independent development industries, shares cooperation, land transfer, parking jobs, asset earnings 5 ??realization, and putting a full coverage of industrial poverty alleviation kilometer".

In the past, "leeks" like the seeds like the Zizi Village, which is increasingly become a "floating ditch". Poor villages built a tourist home and bidenten stewed mushrooms, mutton meatballs … "May 1" holiday, less than two hours, Su Ji Piss prepared a rich place for Beijing.

Guests have been happy, Su Ji Piss smiled happy: "The room booking is constant, and this year is definitely unable.

"The ancient city of the ancient city of Bucks, Su Ji Ping, the life of the old people is not rich.

Su Jiwen, secretary of the Village Party 上海喝茶群 Committee, said that the ancient city of Chuancun was identified as poor village in 2014, and the incidence of poverty is as high as 30%. At that time, even though Su Ji is burned a good dish, it is useless.

Time came to 2018. The ancient city of Chuancun is based on the "12 + 1" special action to develop rural tourism as a target of "12 + 1", which is new. The village has established a tourism economic cooperative, and 5 of the topic of "Great Wall" themes in the previous period.

With the "most beautiful rural" in CCTV, the ancient city of the ancient city in one of the scenery is a new net red card.

Tourists from all over the country come. Tourists can cook themselves, you can order it.

This makes the good crafts of Su Ji Piss finally sent it.上海干磨300微信群 "The influence of the epidemic last year, the guests are not much, then I have also earned more than 5,000 yuan." Su Ji Ping said happily, there have been more than 20 sisters in the village to participate in the housing industry. "There will be another 22 households in the village. Now I am requested a professional team to prepare for renovation. The hard channel of this development is deeply known. It is located between the Jingcheng Corridor, and the "Capital North Gate" is rich in Luanping County and the county cultural tourism resources.

In recent years, Zhangping County has integrated the development of tourism industry and the poverty poverty attack, enabling tourism work and depletion, strong machine, adhere to national resorts, national 5A scenic spots and national cultural parks "three integration" to promote the whole 上海品茶高端场子 domain tourism, all Elements tourism, high-quality development in the whole industry chain.

To this end, the county has prepared the "Sweet County Tourism Development Plan", identified the overall layout of "one axial diend, four districts", focusing on building a rural green picking tour, rural folk cultural tour, Mandarin experience tour, etc. Tourism boutique line.

At the same time, do a good job in "travel + sports industry" "tour + integrity industry" "Tour + Cultural Industry" "Travel + Agricultural Industry" "Tour + Agricultural Industry" Article. "Do it" 京 强 县 ‘] article, and Zhangping will build a new pattern of "top-standing land, covering", accelerate the promotion of high quality development. "Zhao Zhenqing, vice chairman of the Chengde Municipal CPPCC, secretary of the Yiping County Party Committee," Strong Ecology County, beautiful, flat, future! (Hebei Daily reporter Yi Chi-gu ", Li Hui) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon).